9.5m Impressor

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The 9.5m Impressor combines the very best in design, ingenuity and creativity to our Tiny Homes Australia portfolio.

By combining two modular Tiny Homes we are able to comfortably sleep 6 people without the need for lofts and climbing stairs, keeping it all on one level with high spacious ceilings.

The living modules has a full-size bathroom with an extra-large kitchen and dining room, which integrates seamlessly. Our lounge and TV area allows for extra sleeping options, should you have guests pop in.

By connecting a second Tiny Home via our modulated Tiny Home Decks, it provides a large 2 bedroom and bathroom unit with ample wardrobe space. This bedroom module has 2 fully functional horizontal and vertical wall beds, optimising space utilisation and creating integrated office spaces with our pop up desk mechanisms.

It is perfect for a rural retreat or a very affordable alternative to traditional housing for families.

This will surely impress!

* Pricing varies depending on configuration - custom Design Available!