Tiny Home Utilities

Connection to Electricity

All our Tiny Homes come standard with a 15 amp plug in power supply, which means they are able to be plugged in to power just about anywhere there is available power.

Like the power supply, the water connection is just as simple. All that is required is a standard garden hose and you are good to go.

If you want to go off grid, there is the rain water storage system, which allows your Tiny Home to collect rainwater from the roof and a pump that then, delivers water to you.

There is a solar power option as well.

Sewage and Grey water

Tiny Homes can be connected to a sewerage system, this will require a licensed plumber to connect to a sewerage system on the land you park your Tiny Home on, however council approval maybe required.

Alternatively, our Tiny Homes come standard with a composting toilet. Why waste good drinking water when you can compost it to fertilise your garden.

Our composting system is a split system, the toilet is inside your Tiny Home and an active and passive container sits underneath your Tiny Home. After using the toilet, scatter some saw dust and the system takes care of itself. Change the active compositing unit once full (3-6 months depending on usage), now this becomes the passive unit. Leave for a further 3 or so months (depending on conditions) for it to decompose and it becomes compost to use in a garden.

It’s no fuss maintenance. There is a small fan and vent fittings, excess liquid drainage hose which makes it odourless and hygienic.

You can use normal toilet paper in a composting toilet. For optimal results opt for marine or recycled toilet paper.