Tiny Home Types

Tiny Homes On Wheels

Tiny Homes on Wheels (THOW) are legally classified under the VSB1 and therefore classified as a caravan. More and more councils have fact sheets on their website, which explains clearly what they’re thinking in relation to Tiny Homes On Wheels.


In many cases, it is not necessary to apply for a development application (DA) to park and live in your own Tiny Home on your land. Largely this is due to the housing crisis Australians are experiencing, and more importantly the critical lack of affordable housing available especially in the Covid landscape.

We have successfully placed our Tiny Homes on residential land without the need for a DA.

Registration of Tiny Homes On Wheels (THOW)

All our Tiny Homes have a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and a blue slip, which means depending on the size of your trailer and the Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) you will be able to register your Tiny Home to travel on Australian roads. This is also one of the important steps to conforming with the VSB1.

In NSW, a landmark case determined before the Land and Environment Court: that Tiny Homes could be placed on the owner’s residential land, which allowed people related to the landowner to reside in their Tiny Home on a permanent basis.

Many councils are unaware of this ruling.

Would be Tiny Homeowners are advised to learn more about the new ruling and engage a town planner if they experience any difficulties with placing their Tiny Home on their land to live in without the need for a DA. You can always talk to us at Tiny Homes Australia and we would help where we can.

Tiny Homes on Skids

Tiny Homes Australia has developed a clever technique where we can build our Tiny Homes on skids, and steel frames with stabilisers. The THOS is then delivered to your site and can be relocated to another location via various transport options. 


To be clear a Tiny Home built on skids (THOS) does not comply with the VBS1, and as such is classified as a dwelling and not a caravan, which means a DA is required to place it on your land.