Buying Your Tiny Home From Us

Your Purchase

Give us a call on 0411 079 446 or email us at and we can start the conversation.

  • $1,000 non-refundable holding deposit

    This ensures you are placed in the build schedule. This is deducted from the total cost of your Tiny. At this stage you will also decide on the details of your build, chose the colours, materials etc.

  • 30% upfront deposit

    This secures the exact date of your build, and the process of your build starts.

  • 30% upon completion of frame, cladding, windows

    This is the lock up stage.

  • 20% upon completion of joinery and internals.

  • 20% final payment upon completion of build, blue slip, VIN

buying a tiny home

Build Time

Usually, a Tiny Home takes 6-8 weeks to build depending on the details and size of your Tiny Home.

But we will work closely with you during your journey to being a Tiny Home owner.

Our Delivery

We will deliver your Tiny Home, for a small fee within a 300km radius of Bangalow, NSW where we build our Tiny Homes.

The cost for delivery is $ 2.50 per km return to Bangalow, NSW. Outside of this area, we recommend you speak to us about transport options and costs.

Your Tiny Home Installation

If you intend to park your Tiny Home for an extended period of time, we can offer this service, which generally involves the levelling of your Tiny Home, taking the load off the wheels onto uni peers, which will help with the longevity of your wheels and provide stabilisation of your Tiny Home.

In addition, we recommend fixing your Tiny Home to the ground with our Tie Down Anchor points, which are usually locked into a concrete block anchor so it is securely fixed and secured.

Please speak to us about your site and we can steer you through the process.