Wall Beds

Our uniquely engineered vertical and horizontal wall beds take the space saving concept to a new level.

By day the bed is neatly tucked away. At night it simply comes down with a gentle pull on the handles and a flip of the legs and it is ready to sleep on. In the morning there is an easy strap that clicks together to keep your linen & blankets in place. Push the wall bed back to its position on the wall, the gas mechanism makes this transition effortless.

The wall beds come in single, double, queen or bunk style. The beds can be vertical or horizontal.

There is an optional office desk that is attached upright ready for a days work. When the wall bed is pulled down to sleep, the desk stays in a horizontal position and sits unobstructed underneath the bed. So, you do not need to move any items on your desk.

When the wall bed is tucked away in the wall the desk remains in its place and the items on the desk are exactly as you left them and you can do proceed to do your work- no hassle!

The size of the desk is the length of the wall bed with a depth of 500mm.

We recommend the full cabinets and shelving storage option which frames the wall bed beautifully allowing more shelf space on either side of the bed.

Single Double Queen Bunk Desk
$6,800 $7,000 $7,200 $7,200 $1,800

NB: All prices are inclusive of GST